Arduino Clock Atmega1284p with MIDI player and Internet

The Arduino Clock
  • uses the C++ object-oriented code written for the Arduino framework
  • is powered by the 8-bit Atmel’s microcontroller ATmega1284P
  • is installed on the PCB from Wise Clock 4
  • displays information on the Sure Electronic’s 32X16 RG Dual Color LED Dot Matrix Unit Board (display colors: red, green, orange)
  • adjusts time from the Internet using the NTP protocol via the Wi-Fi RN-XV WiFly Module
  • shows the weather forecast from the Internet
  • has alarms that can be configured to activate every day or once on a specific date or tomorrow or on different week days
  • plays music in the RTTTL format that was popular in mobile phones
  • plays music in the MIDI format via the Fluxamasynth Shield that uses the Atmel’s and Dream’s ATSAM2195 MIDI chip
  • changes the brightness of the display depending on the light level in a room detected by the light-dependent resistor
A video with the description of the clock menus
Here are the internal devices of the clock
Download the code for the clock

From Github:

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