3D-printed BMW E30, E32, E34, E36 connector 61130007441 61130007442

Many 2-pole (2-pin) and 3-pole (3-pin) electrical connectors in the BMW E30 and other classic BMWs (E32, E34, E36) use 2.5mm female contacts.

There are BMW outer plastic housings for 2 and 3 poles. But they require watertight rubber housing inserts for each contact terminal.

BMW offers the sockets and wires with the housing inserts already molded around them: 61130007441 and 61130007442. You have to solder them to your existing wires and use shrink wraps to isolate them. They are pretty expensive: $8-9.

If you want to go the DIY way, rubber contact housing inserts can be 3D-printed and regular inexpensive contact sockets can be inserted in them and sealed with a glue.

Contact Socket

The contact socket is made by TE Connectivity (formerly AMP).
At the time of writing, the silver sockets cost $0.27 each for quantities over 10. The gold sockets are of course 10 times more expensive.


TE Internal #: T2030002008-000
TE Internal Description: CEF-0.75
Contact Type : Socket
Contact Mating Area Plating Material : Silver
Wire Contact Termination Area Plating Material : Silver
Wire Size (AWG): 18
Wire Size (mm²): .75
Contact Current Rating (Max) (A): 16

This one has a slightly bigger hole for a wire: T2030002010-000

TE Internal #: T2030002010-000
TE Internal Description: CEF-1.0
Contact Type : Socket
Contact Mating Area Plating Material : Silver
Wire Contact Termination Area Plating Material : Silver
Wire Size (AWG): 18
Wire Size (mm²): 1.0
Contact Current Rating (Max) (A): 16

Check the inner hole diameters yourself: T2030002005-000 – Ø1.15mm, T2030002008-000 – Ø1.30mm, T2030002010-000 – Ø1.45mm.

There are also smaller and gold-plated sockets in the series.
There are similar contacts from other companies: Digikey heavy-duty sockets

TE AMP T2030002010-000 CEF

3D-printed housing

The material is TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), which is flexible.

Only the upper part is cut to accommodate insertion of the socket.
The bottom part is a solid circle that wraps around the male part providing good seal. If it were cut and glued, the adhesive bond could easily break under stress of insertion.

Download the 3D model


Sculpteo 3D printing

I used the 3D-printing service provided by sculpteo.com
The material was TPU (flexible), Multijet Fusion (Plastic).
The price was $20 for 20 contacts plus shipping, $1 per contact.

It’s cheaper to attach more contacts to the existing design in a 3D-program if you need more contacts than to print multiple designs.

scuplteo multijet tpu

Here is the result.

3dprinted contacts

Contact installation

The 3D-insert crevices were cleaned of the excessive material dust using a knife and picks.

The wires were inserted into the sockets T2030002008-000 and they were crimped. The contact holes for wires were tight for the headlight wire gauge. The wiring diagram showed 1 mm² (16 AWG), though.

The sockets are pretty cheap to have an assortment and match different wire gauges perfectly. The biggest socket that will fit into the 3D-printed insert is T2030002015-000.

T2030002008-000 crimped

The sockets were inserted into the 3D-printed housing inserts.

Contact housing inserted

The open parts of the housing inserts were glued together using the shoe cement “Petronio”. After the glue settled a little bit, the sides were pressed together. Probably, any flexible glue should be good enough. If you wish to use Super Glue, it should be used on both sides ignoring the glue instructions.

contact glue

A day passed waiting until the glue hardened.


The contacts were installed successfully.


BMW E30, E32, E34, E36 connector plastic housings

The 3D-printed housing insert described in the article is compatible only with the straight contact terminal plastic housings.

BMW E30 housing 61131378401 61131378402 61131378403 61131378410

The other housings require angled contact terminals: 61131378416 (black), 61131378417 (white), 61131378418 (gray), 61131378419 (yellow).